Friday, April 13, 2012

A Monsterous Send

Photo by Roger Nattrass
Alright, lets me honest, I haven't written anything in a long time. There I said it. Well, maybe it's because I didn't have anything good to say. Well now I do: Monster went down on gear this last weekend. Bam! First traditional ascent of Monster. I'm pretty happy about that. Thank you DMM and Wildcountry for the equipment to make this send possible

I finished bolting the original idea for the Beast in Boven. It's gonna be hard. I'm very close to the send. It'll also go on gear. Should be 32/33 (8b/+). It's an amazing climb.

Well other than my send of Monster, what has happened? Well, Yvette broke her collar bone, she had to have surgery and was in a sling of 5 weeks. She's finally out of the sling but still in pain.

I got to spend some time with the Durbanites recently: Illona, Scott, Candice and Team Nattrass. Always fun.

Managed to do some more work on Lab Rat, did all the moves now a few times and found some insanely cool doubly dyno beta for the top of the climb... WINNER!

Roger after his first day on Godzilla (8b), looks like he really needs that beer...

A tiny Candice being blotted out by my beer!

Roger fanning the flames.
 I guess I just can't help crushing everything...

Ah, good food!

Post Boven dinner...

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