Friday, January 18, 2013

A couple days on the road

The past few weeks have been wicked! Blouberg, Magaliesberg, Boven. Need I say any more?
The best crag on earth: God No! Wall
Managed to wrap up a few lines in Cedarberg kloof that I had been wanting to do for ages. Cruised up Eliminator (7b+) second try, did Black Karma (7a+) and onsighted a very scary Fly On The Wall (7a+). Got super close to doing Twilight Floozy (8a) but unfortunately my skin didn't hold out and I'll have to head back for it. Dynos are usually not my thing but I'm loving the two move 8a which is Twilight Floozy.

I got back from Magaliesberg on Sunday night and started looking for the next thing to do... Alex and I were going to head to Kranskloof for two days but plans changed last second and a day later I found myself in Boven with Julian and Alex. I got down to business and put my draws up on Rodan. I have been pushing hard on it and sorted out my beta, which is completely different from anyone else. I'm really psyched. I managed to do the 8b+ link yesterday which is linking from below the crux to the chains... Seems like it is only a matter of time now till that will be done.
God No! Wall
Today I found myself back on Boa Rodeo (8a+) and found that it is indeed possible when it is dry. I fell off in the last move of the crux from the ground, got back on and did the rest of the route. Great stuff. SUPER PSYCHED... I think I need two more tries and I'll bag it.

Climbing amazing lines lines the ones in Magaliesberg and Boven make me thankful to have my DMM and Wildcountry trad gear. I have nothing but positive things to say about the Dragons, Heliums and Zeros, ESPECIALLY THE ZEROS! I have used every little cam on the market and the Zeros are phenomenal!! Thank you so much to Rob at Outward Ventures for the ongoing support. You guys have made a difference in my career. I may not be one of your official athletes but I certainly appreciate the trouble you guys went through to help make my dreams of being a successful trad climber possible...
The view from above Boa Rodeo
Check out the pics...

Getting my tape gloves on!!

Setting off on Boa Rodeo

Boa Rodeo... Steep?

Half way through the first hard move


Fiddly little nuts!

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