Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two Weeks Off...

Well sports fans! It's been two full weeks since I've done any climbing. What I have done has been a lot of work on my master's degree, a bit of horse riding, met some new friends, went to a new town. Good times.

Look at that pretty girl, she even appears twice!

Last weekend I spent with Yvette in Barberton. This was an absolutely fantastic experience. I met some of her med school friends with whom she is on a 6 week course with currently. Barberton is one of the prettiest areas around! Nearby is Kaapsehoop, which has some really awesome horse riding and a fantastic pancake shop! It also has some really sick bouldering, but that will have to happen some other time.Yvette and I rode horses for 2 hours on the Saturday! It was fantastic to be there, to ride and to run too.

I did manage to make it out to eZemvelo yesterday... Felt sick strong! Boven is coming up this week, so I'm gonna be hitting Lab Rat and hopefully a few other really good lines. I need to work up my endurance again so I have a feeling that I'm gonna be on Godzilla, Monster and Jack of All Trades too just for fun.

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